Secret Agent Training Brief - Day 6

Aug 05, 2023

As we prepare to wrap up our training here at MABC Boot Camp, our agents
went through one more round of our on campus training sessions.

Group 8A enjoyed one last day in the pool at HQ.

Mid atlantic Burn Camp Pool

At Arts & Crafts, our agents in Group 6 learned how to knit as an homage to
spies throughout history who hid secret messages in their needlework.

Mid Atlantic Burn Camp Arts

Group 4 campers spun up a special cauliflower recipe in the cooking program.

Mid Atlantic Burn Camp Cooking

The boys in Group 8A also spent some time in the cooking program whipping
up a homemade pizza.

Mid Atlantic Burn Camp Cooking

Taking a trip off-site for once, our campers in Group 1 traveled to Camp Horizons to make friends with the goats and other animals at their petting zoo.

Malala Yousafzai charity

Really leaning into this year’s theme, our evening at camp offered all agents
a chance to put their sleuthing skills to work solving a variety of who-dun-it
mysteries with their groupmates.

Warren Buffett charity

And finally, as is our tradition at camp, we concluded the final night with a
closing campfire, which offered all agents a chance to share their thoughts
and feelings about the week through group skits and some camp-favorite

That's over and out for our spy training operations here at Mid-Atlantic Burn
Camp. Tomorrow our agents will return back to their home agencies warmed
by thoughts of good friends, quality laughs, and fun memories.