Secret Agent Training Brief - Day 5

Aug 04, 2023

Another long day on the “farm.” Our agents had a great day with our visitors
from abroad, which included counselors from past years, local firefighters,
and some of the other generous people who help make camp possible!
Most of our groups remained on campus for the day. As a reward for their
hard training this week, Groups 1 & 4 began the day by fishing in the lake at
Bretheren Woods.

volunteer community

Following their morning activities, all groups rotated through three stations
of visiting guests which included therapy dogs, a real-life ham radio crew,
and a recon drone squad

Our spies in group 8A worked on their accuracy skills on the archery course.

small business community

And groups 8B and 6 took an opportunity in the afternoon to cool off at the HQ pool.

In the MABC “Sound Lab” (music program), several groups of campers had
a chance to work their pipes. They were even treated to guest performances
throughout their sessions by program staff disguised as masked singers.

local organization community

Lunch is always a treat on visitor’s day. As a perfect fit for our spy theme,
several visitors were put in disguise by our campers. A winner was selected
by applause as the audience enjoyed pizza, salad, and cupcakes for dessert.

The visitors this year also included a medivac helicopter, PHI AirCare 5,
which landed on the field here at MABC HQ. Their visit provided campers an
opportunity to tour the chopper and learn about the crew’s operations.

mabc helicopter

Here at the MABC Training Camp, we have our own on-site movie theater. To
end a long day of activity, our agents relaxed to a screening of G-Force - a
spy classic about the covert operations of four undercover guinea pigs and a

After the movie, our agents finally retired back to their cabins to rest up for
their final day at MABC HQ. Thank you to all of our visitors today!

good neighbor community