Secret Agent Training Brief - Day 4

Aug 03, 2023

We bring to you another special briefing on MABC agent training activities. 
After their caving exercises from from the day before, our Group 8A agents were very excited to set off on their own recon mission on the river.

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Swapping places, Group 8B infiltrated the nearby caves for their undecover ops training.

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Nearby at Camp Horizons, Group 6 agents worked on teamwork, trust, and problem solving on the high ropes course low ropes courses.
At the low ropes course, campers were encouraged to work with their group-mates to overcome obstacles and solve problems with outside the box thinking.

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At the high ropes course, campers were faced with several challenge-by-choice climbing obstacles, which included a giant swing and a zipline. 

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Back at HQ, our Group 1 agents took on the cooking program.

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Group 4 built on their creativity and crafting skills at Arts & Crafts.

At the end of the day, all groups continued their field training by setting up camp for the night under the an actual field.

More training ahead with our biggest mission on the horizon: Visitor’s Day.