Secret Agent Training Brief - Day 3

Aug 02, 2023

At 0800 hours, campers were up at breakfast and preparing to launch into another full day of activity.
Immediately after breakfast, Group 8A hopped on a bus to practice undercov-er operation tactics in the nearby caves.

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Groups 1 and 4 again stayed on-site for the regular rotation of programs.
At the Games Program, Group 1 played detective games to practice and sharpen their sleuthing skills.

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Meanwhile, Group 4 had a blast at the pool with some friendly sparring on MABC HQ’s inflatable chickens.

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Group 6 had their equine training session after which they practiced their  aquatic competencies on the lake at nearby Horizon’s training facilities.

Group 8B put all of their espionage skills to great use during an overnight recon canoe trip on the nearby Shenandoah River.

In the evening, all groups teamed up for Operation Madness, a series of min-ute-to-win-it style games that included hula hoop races, a caterpillar relay race, a “laser” maze and lots of other fun challenges.

That concludes today’s briefing for training activities. We will provide further info as it becomes declassified. challenges.